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The brief

Josephine got in touch with me to create her a portfolio website that would promote her bespoke art and tattoos. It needed to be something that she could easily update with new art to show to potential customers. 

She had the brand colour and logo already decided but it was my job to bring it to life. 
See it live

Approach and process

I started by creating and sharing a mood board full of designs that met the initial brief. Once I had a better understanding of the design she had in mind, I created a basic wireframe mockup to demonstrate the structure of the website, once agreed I proceeded to create a more detailed mockup.

Mockups are great because they allow the client to provide feedback on my first few designs and in turn, we are able to reach the end goal much quicker. 

The website was developed within 3-4 weeks and was launched in November 2020. 
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