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Danny Clark

Freelance Web Designer
I design and build beautiful websites that help you tell your story and grow your business. I'm passionate about providing websites that look great on all screen sizes, are fast to load and easy to manage.
I've been working as a web designer for the past 2 years and in that time I've developed my design and content management skills. I feel now is the right time for me to branch out into freelance and start creating epic websites for clients.

When I'm not at the computer I enjoy playing guitar and making music, seeing friends and family and taking photos.
Interested in discussing a project?
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My process

The process of web design is important for streamlining the creation of a new website and also ensures you get exactly what you want. Whether you are after a new site or revamping an old one, I like to gather a few examples and ideas of what you like in other websites. From there, we can discuss what would work for your new site and how we can apply your branding.

I usually provide a wireframe design mockup of your new website before I start building it. This allows you to easily provide feedback before I start building your website. Depending on the type of site you need, it usually takes me about 3-6 weeks to completely build a site. 


Tell me about your business, your values and what your goals are.


Now that I know what you want I will create a few wireframe mockups.


Based on your feedback, I will turn the wireframe into a functional and interactive website.


Once your site has been thoroughly tested, it's time to go live. Let's deploy what we've built for the world to see.
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01482 770688
What do you mean 'Err Nerr'?
It's how we say 'Oh no' in Hull, like 'Err nerr, I'm mafting' 
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